Saturday, 9 February 2013

Review: Avene Gentle Toner

Apart from the duty free prices, I love buying beauty items from Hong Kong because you're almost always guaranteed samples and gifts with purchases. If you're lucky and get helped by a really nice  sales assistant, you might be given an amount of samples that is equivalent to the actual full-size product! Using samples is actually quite important to me because I'm not huge on buying an array of full size products that I've never tried before. I need to try before I buy because my skin is so sensitive.
I got these Avene Gentle Toner samples on my recent trip to the Avene counter. Thankfully, I've met a wonderful sales assistant who is genuinely concerned about my dry and fragile skin, so she's very generous when it comes to samples.

I've tried a few sample bottles of the toner before and I really liked it. Personally, this is the only toner I can use when my skin is inflamed. It does a very good job of soothing and calming down my irritated skin. It feels refreshing, light and it doesn't leave a sticky sheen across my face. Like most Avene products, it smells like a mixture of very clean soap and baby powder. I find the scent quite pleasant and comforting!

The only negative is that I don't think it's tremendously good at further cleansing your skin before you put on your moisturiser. You don't get that clean feeling you get from most toners and so I don't think non-sensitive skin types will particularly find this product useful.

To me, I think the toner is more of a calming lotion and because of that, I use it on and off. Having said that, I don't think there's any harm in having this toner at home if you do have regular flare ups with your skin. Whenever my skin is up in flames and is parched, this toner really feels like heaven.



  1. Love your Avene reviews because I just recently heard about this brand so I'm always looking for the next product from them to try. I like their products because I have dry/eczema prone skin and unlike other skincare products, Avene doesn't irritate my skin.

    When I'm in HK I shall try and hoard some freebies!

  2. I have never really used toners before and Avene seems to be one of the top brands for toner. Perhaps I should give it a try. Thank you for the review! :)

  3. thanks for the review! haven't tried this :) and happy CNY! <3

    Metallic Paws

  4. Sounds like a very calming product for sensitive skin! I feel the same way about their water spray, it's just water in a can but it's so nice on the skin - it just feels cooling, gentle and soothing :p

  5. I really like Avene products - they're excellent when my skin needs calming down x

  6. Oh sweetie this tonr looks like a product Than I need try!
    Really detailled review! Btw I´m following you I hope your follow me back!}


  7. I love avene products, I use them everyday :)

  8. This is so nice =) I have to try their toners one of these days!

  9. i love foreign beauty products, and just did a whole post on them

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